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Home to one of the largest mangrove forests in the world

The Sundarbans is a group of low-lying islands in the Ganges Delta, known for one of the world’s largest mangrove forests. A portion of Sundarbans Tiger reserve was declared Sundarbans National Park in 1984 to preserve the engendered flora and fauna. Today this is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sundarbans Tiger reserve is home to more than 250 Royal Bengal Tigers, olive Ridley turtle, Ganges River dolphin and many more wildlife species.
Destination Details

Travel Period - October to March

Inspiration - Bengal’s biodiversity and culture

Number of Days - 02 night / 03 days

Highlight - Boatride through the mangrove forest, Bird Watching

Best for - Serene nature and wildlife

Social Impact - Jungle safari in the mangrove forests, meeting the locals

Why should you travel to The Sundarbans?

Sundarbans are blessed with a rich ecosystem and are home to the Royal Bengal tiger. This pace is a retreat for all wildlife lovers who can drench their hearts with memorable experiences. It is a good place to unwind in the natural solace of the mangroves and explore the raw Bengal, which can be only found in Sundarbans!


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