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Our Priorities

For over thirty years to support sustainable travel, our hearts are in the right place to do what is good for the community. We know the natural environments and popular sites cannot sustain the large numbers of visitors for a long time. So, we follow another approach of research lesser-known but still incredible destinations such as Palitana, known for its centuries-old temples and architecture, or less-trodden mountain destinations such as Uttarakhand’s cedar forests. It is as opposed to its overdeveloped neighbourhood on metro cities.

That doesn’t mean that we altogether avoid the most popular places, but in parallel, promote alternative travel. It’s our responsibility to work in consideration of communities, culture, the environment, and our fellow humans to create more conscious travel. We find it enthralling to see the support we get from our Foreign Travel Operators and the local suppliers for all our projects. Simply put, we invite you to our purpose-driven holiday mission and monitor its pursuit to make a more equal and peaceful travel future.

Growing with a passion for unadulterated travel, Immerse India is a destination management company that aims to take you to uncharted paths and “out of the box” experiences that are quite idiosyncratic and original. At Immerse India, we love quality, comfort, good food and always look for fascinating encounters with local communities. We make your stay at carefully picked comfortable accommodations that match your aspiration and bring out the country’s beauty, such as contemporary hotels, small bed & breakfasts, iconic palaces, a houseboat, or a colonial house.

We always remain humble with the community we interact with and the places we go. On every trip, we seek alternatives to make travel without hurting the planet and giving something sustainable back to the places where we visit. We always remain humble with the community we interact with and the places we go. Immersive journeys and experiences always combine with art, culture, and traditional life to consider communities and continue to resonate with this spirit.

Connect with the local communities

India has a rich history and proud culture centred around various cultures, communities and religions. By showing you genuine and unaltered India, we take you to connect on a deeper level with the destinations and their people, and you won't be sorry you made an effort.

Leave nothing but the footprints

We deeply respect the land and encourage the travellers to leave it as they find it – avoiding single-use plastic, taking more and more local transportation, walks and sustainable options for travel and stay. However, that doesn't mean compromising with the quality of services.

Eat and buy local

An abundance of organic vegetables, fresh fruit, and locally sourced food is the USP of the hotels we chose to stay. Every other day, we take you to local restaurants, which is a great way to support the community

See The Whole Picture

We are contributing To UNWTO’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
You may have seen the Immerse India Tours talking about UNWTO Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and why they’re so important. Immerse India Tours have partnered this mission by following 05 key goals where we can make a genuine and worthwhile difference. Our focus areas are linked to these 05 SDGs.


We announce our partnership with TOFT!

The pressure to preserve the Indian subcontinent’s tigers, wildlands and wildlife is inevitably lost in the priority for people to survive. TOFTigers believes that developing more sustainable enterprises and providing viable long term solutions – that create real economic benefit – are critical to rural communities, especially those living in and around parks, sanctuaries and wildernesses across South Asia.

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