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These are the narratively engaging stories mixing art, culture, and observation that show travellers many facets of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. Then there are our travel mavericks, ensuring you explore the places where unassuming visitors would pass by unaware.

Having a heart for local culture and lifestyle, we unveil the stories from the vintage structures to diverse cultures, food, or festivals. From the lanes of Kathmandu to the cliff-hugging monasteries in Bhutan, Sri Lanka wildlife, and wonders in the forms of painting, architecture, music, and sculptures of India, you will see this encounter is a part of the charm.

We immerse you into inspiring events & encounters with art, culture, food, architecture, wildlife, and landscapes of India, Bhutan, Srilanka, and Nepal. Check out our handpicked activities, a collection of over 30 years of exploration of the places and knitting a connection with the communities and the local friends we make on the way.

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