Top-5 Travel Trends for 2022


The post-pandemic effects are likely to bring a significant change in the Travel culture. As the restrictions are getting lifted, Travel enthusiasts are slowly preparing up to resume their travel routine. The entire pandemic situation has introduced few unusual changes in the preferences of the travellers. As per the many surveys conducted globally, it is apparent that people are more likely to opt for private holiday getaways, last-minute trips and rejoicing city break experiences.

Covid-19 pandemic is encouraging travellers to adapt to responsible travelling habits, with safety as paramount at the centre of the choices they make. It is the time where new travel trends are born and blooming well in the travel and tourism sector. Let’s have a look at the 5-travel trends of 2021, which our experts recommend to watch;


1.) Travelling for peace and solace 

Imagine a day waking up to a sight where the morning sun is spreading a rosy hue across the sky. Nestled in the arms of nature, you are somewhere far away from the constant interruption and stressful city life. It’s just the time for some inner peace as you escape into the blissful surroundings of quiet destinations. Several booking analysis and travel searches prove that people aim to plan a trip to deserted places for a complete digital detox. They wish to break all ties with the World for a few days as they surrender themselves to these peaceful holiday destinations. Safe mountain resorts, perpetual jungle trails, and less explored tourist spots are being picked up by travellers to spend their post-pandemic holidays.


2.) Rural is the new HOT-SPOT

Rural travel destinations are adding to the people’s favourite list. Village side places are catching the attention of the travellers who are enthralled to spend their holidays in a simplistic manner and the excellent environment. To be on a rural staycation wherein you get an opportunity to live in a zone free from city crowds? More and more travellers will prefer the rural homestay mix with some soft adventurous excursions around the village. Activities like bird watching, fishing, and walks with family or friends can certainly be on the bucket list. Experiences like farm meals with the local villagers will be more obvious to be included in the itinerary.


3.) No more lone travellers

Solo travelling receives a break as most travellers are diverting towards community travel in the company of some safe network. This pandemic and the lockdown period had forced people to be caged at their homes in isolation. They missed hanging out with their friends and family and more prefered to travel with friends in a small group.


4.) Last-minute trips with no cancellation fee 

People prefer to want to gain the latest Covid-information at the host destination or country before travelling there. It is resulting in more people making last-minute bookings and reservations. Simultaneously, people want the travel companies and hotels to offer flexibility in bookings with no cancellation fee or advance payment.


5.) To travel where it is safe

As we all know that Covid has significantly made travel more thoughtful, and hotels are working hard to ensure the hygiene and safety of the guests. People tend to follow all the travel guidelines and are also choosing the places which they feel are safe to travel to. Avoiding large crowds, maintaining social distance, using sanitizers and masks throughout the trip is what travellers emphasize. Tourism authorities, local administration and the hotel industries are prioritizing a complete- SAFE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE with their own SOPs and guidelines for both staff and guests.

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