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The most vibrant hues of Bengaluru

Captured the beauty of colourful KR market through lenses

Named after king Krishnarajendra Wodeyar, this is one of Bangalore’s most traditional markets. This flower tour of the KR market is a picturesque introduction to the other side of Bengaluru, letting you delve into its many layers of tales. The highlight is the flower vendors – lording over the orange, pinks and yellows of jasmine, marigold and circles of pure white.

Walk inside there early in the morning to get the best experience of City Market, and don’t forget to enjoy the best filter coffee in town at the Gandhi Bazaar. By the time the sun rises and the day starts getting hotter, these flowers sellers are ready to wind up their day’s work.

Experience Details

Duration - 2 Hours

Inspiration - Culture & People

Travel Period - From Oct to March

Highlight - Photography opportunities

Best for - Individuals, small groups (upto 8 people)

Social Impact - Appreciate the local businesses

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