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A local tour of Mehalwar village

An intimate tour of traditional living in Indian villages!

Mehalwar is an ideal place near Khajuraho for travellers to experience the rural style of living. The village has a lot to offer, from traditional farming techniques to the most authentic meals from the locals. The tour connects its visitors to the local people and their culture bundled with unforgettable experiences.

Spend an entire day with a rural community at the farms and learn real-life lessons. A cooking demonstration of local cuisine followed by lunch is something that will make your visit a memorable and special one.

Experience Details

Duration - Full day

Inspiration - Culture & People

Travel Period - From Sep to Feb

Highlight - Access to the rural community and their living in the countryside

Best for - Individuals, small groups (up to 10 people)

Social Impact - Walking tour of the village, promote local culture

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