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Recognised as the world’s second-biggest city and a UNESCO World Heritage site that flourishes with a glorious history of the Vijaynagar empire.

Rulers of the Vijayanagar Empire built Hampi for over 200 years between the 14 & 16 centuries. The entire city is carved in stone. Located on the southern bank of river Tungabhadra, Vijayanagar Empire ruins are spread over 16 km, most of which are in good condition. The landscape is plane with small boulder ridden hillocks around it. A must-visit for those who want to see the grandeur of Hindu kings and Dravidian architecture. The best way to explore and feel the city is to walk around the monuments and temple complexes to experience life in Hampi back then.
Destination Details

Travel Period - October to March

Inspiration - Ascend to Matunga Hills for the unforgettable sunrise, The coracle ride on river Tungabhadra at sunset

Number of Days - 03 nights / 04 days

Highlight - Local sightseeing of the majestic ruins of the Vijaynagar empire, Visit the Vithala Temple complex, Visit the Virupaksha temple

Best for - Closely understanding the history and the rich heritage of Hampi

Social Impact - Visit the famous Hampi bazaar for a relaxed evening shopping and interacting with the locals

Why should you travel to Hampi?

Travelling to Hampi is one of the most thrilling experiences for travellers to discover a place that was once a flourished kingdom. The spectacular architecture, structures, and monuments are not just a treat to watch but each one of them recites a different story of the glorious past of India in the 15th and 16th centuries.


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