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Food walk of Purani Dilli

Set on to a fun-filled and Delhi-cious journey!

The city of Delhi, which was once an epitome of grandeur and royalty, is sprawling today with the authentic taste and aroma on the streets of Purani Dilli. The intricate structures and beautiful markets will make you instantly fall in love with the old city of Shahjahanabad. Delhi has an essence of diverse cultures and regions coming together in the form of culinary magic.

Experience a fascinating culinary tour that covers the food, history, and culture of Old Delhi. A mystic journey to the Mughlai delicacies with the traces of the city's unconditional love for food. Delhi is a paradise for foodies with an added spice of authentic flavours widespread across various city lanes.

Experience Details

Duration - Full day

Inspiration - Food & City life

Travel Period - From Oct to March

Highlight - Explore various food options at the famous eateries of Old Delhi

Best for - Individuals, small groups (up to 10 people)

Social Impact - Savouring local food and promote local businesses

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