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The sacred city of light and ghats, where spirituality and the divine spirit rekindle humanity.

Varanasi, known as Kashi, the city of lights, has been a centre for learning since time immemorial. It is the world's oldest continually inhabited city and the holiest for people practising Sanatana Dharma (way of life). It is believed that one who dies here or is cremated on the ghats attains nirvana. The city is magical and India of your imagination.

Life and death coexist on the ghats of Varanasi and can be disturbing for a few or a source of the awakening of the inner core for some. Join evening prayers on the ghats, take a sunrise boat cruise on Holy Ganges and stroll in the Ghats. This visit to this city will help you search your soul.

Destination Details

Travel Period - October to March

Inspiration - Stroll on the ghats and learn about spirituality

Number of Days - 01 night / 02 days

Highlight - Sunrise boat cruise on Holy Ganges, Excursion to Sarnath

Best for - Evening prayers at the Ganga Ghat

Social Impact - Meet the Sadhus, enjoy local street food, shopping in the old local market

Why should you travel to Varanasi?

Highlighted as the “spiritual capital of India”, Varanasi is a place that you should visit once in your lifetime. The ancient temples, their walls, and the old lanes of this holy city narrate several stories from the archives of Ramayana. The sacred ghats of the river Ganga make Varanasi the best place to find peace! Explore the local city life of Varanasi and capture unmissable moments.


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